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Get to know our services in the private, public and social sectors

  • Business transformation work with the private sector connects trends, strategies, leadership, culture, and operations. We mobilize a diversity of individuals and internal teams and the external ecosystem in the co-creation of futures, strategies and projects. We catalyze transformation by balancing soft skills (mindset, behaviors, culture) with hard skills (planning, management models, ways of working). Successful execution of strategies, dividing risks and results requires co-management of experimental projects for innovation or operational excellence aimed at improving operations productivity.

  • A competent, agile, consequential, results-oriented administration is expected and required from the public sector. Working in the transformation of the public sector requires not only the commitment of public managers but above all the adoption of a plan that directs long-term actions, management models that professionalize the organization, making them more efficient and a culture oriented by the mission and objectives. To become more resilient, the public sector must also engage in ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders in the shared construction of futures (creating strategic agendas), offering platforms for engagement in formulating new public policies, projects and programs, and designing innovative public services of impact.

  • Working with the social sector requires a more assertive perception about changes in society, from which the .org model of action with social investment and social business are redesigned to be sustainable and generate a positive impact. (Re) designing programs and actions oriented to the real needs of the stakeholders and that effectively promote social innovation. Strengthening and improving the quality of management with processes and instruments of strategic planning, strategy management and strategic intelligence.